Fable Lore & FAQs


Story Role Icons

Fable decodes your narrative into a "story grammar", represented by story roles.

Protagonist: Your role, the hero in your own story. Usually referred to as "I" or "me."
Helper: Person or thing that aids you in your story. Benefactor. Assistant.
Helped: Person or thing that receives assistance. Beneficiary.
Adversary: Person or thing that challenges you. Opponent. Obstacle.
Mission: The goal or objective of your narrative.

World Icons

Fable learns your world as you go along by classifying each significant thing you mention into different types.

People: Includes humans and other beings that serve as companions.
Groups: Encompasses organizations, groups, companies, and assemblies, such as a school.
Ideas: Incorporeal creations of the mind, concepts or theories, such as physics.
Nature: Elements in nature, like trees.
Artifacts: Human-made creations, including machines, tools, and cultural objects, for example, computers.
Events: Occurrences in time, such as Christmas or a weekend.
Places: Locations and landmarks, like Chicago..

Soul Shards and the Soul Ledger

The Soul Ledger tracks the amount of Heart, Courage, and Shadow generated by what you write about. Soul Shards measure your reconciliation with your Shadow, which is the ultimate good in Fable.

Love: Increases when you help others or receive help. It grows more significantly when this interaction involves a former adversary.
Courage: Strengthens when you offer help, especially to those who were once adversaries.
Shadow: Expands in the presence of adversaries. It diminishes when you either help your adversaries or receive help from them (which also earns Soul Shards).


Engage with real-life choose-your-own-adventure scenarios through Prophecies. These are foresights into potential narratives revealed about an hour after journaling. Use them to help steer your life.


Epics are the narrative themes emerging from your journal. Epics adapt and evolve with each new journal entry and create the threads woven by Prophecies and Missions.

Character Decks

Each Character represents a positive archetypal role in a domain of society, with a unique combination of traits. Fable creates Missions by blending your Epics and World to synchronize the Character Deck with the Traits you need. Rate characters to influence this process.


New mission themes are suggested frequently. Fable's default mission mode merges a fantasy theme from myth and folklore with your Epics, your World, and desired Character traits to inspire you to heroism.


Fable gives you control over what is shared. For journal entries, you can share the illustration, the illustration + Hero's Path commentary (never the journal entry itself), and you can save the illustration to your device. For missions, you can share the mission illustration, a summary of the mission, a summary + invite to the mission or save the mission illustration to your device.

Fable Score

The Fable Personal Development Score (Fable Score) is available after 10 journal entries and serves as a quantifiable indicator of your advancement in personal development with Fable. It is derived from a combination of several elements: the average quantities of Heart, Courage, and Shadow manifested in your journal entries, alongside Soul Shards and your degree of synchronization with Characters. Mathematically, it is represented as: (Heart×Courage÷Shadow)×Soul Shards×Character Synchronization. A higher Fable Score signifies that you are making strides in integrating your Shadow, and enhancing your capacity for love and courage across life's various aspects. The ultimate objective of Fable is for you to evolve into a Universal Hero of Humankind, a goal that is reflected in your Fable Score.

Fable personal development system is a sophisticated and deeply meaningful framework for personal development, grounded in a rich tapestry of psychological insight and philosophical wisdom. It's a unique approach that not only measures growth but actively fosters it, offering users a clear path toward becoming their best selves.

Exporting Your Journal

To authenticate your request and receive a temporary secure link for downloading a secure zip file containing the contents of your journal, please send an email detailing your request to [email protected].

Contact Fable

If you have a request to clarify anything about Fable, please submit your request through the Support & Feedback in Settings (or email [email protected]), and we'll add it here.

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