The Hero's Journey & The Golden Rule

Fable's Timeless AI Architecture

By Simon J. Hill, Founder


In the vast tapestry of human evolution and cultural development, two guiding principles stand out as transformative forces: the Golden Rule and the Hero’s Journey. While the Golden Rule, with its emphasis on reciprocal altruism, has often been interpreted within the confines of immediate neighbors and communities, there lies a deeper, more universal implication. This principle, when understood in its fullest sense, has the potential to dissolve the age-old barriers of “Us” and “Them,” fostering a world bound by empathy, cohesion, and harmony.

On the other hand, the Hero’s Journey offers a narrative of transcendence, urging individuals to venture beyond the parochial, undergo personal metamorphosis, and emerge as beacons of change for the larger community. When these two concepts intertwine, they hint at an evolutionary directive for the human self, one that beckons society towards a more inclusive and compassionate future.

Evolutionary Roots

From an evolutionary standpoint, reciprocal altruism—helping others with the expectation that they will help you in return — has clear benefits for social species. It strengthens social bonds, ensures mutual aid in times of need, and fosters group cohesion.

Us vs. Them

Historically, humans have often identified with their immediate tribe or group, leading to an “us vs. them” mentality. This was beneficial for survival when resources were scarce and competition was fierce. However, as societies grew and became more interconnected, the benefits of expanding the circle of empathy became evident.

Golden Rule as an Evolutionary Directive

The Golden Rule encourages individuals to treat others as they would like to be treated. Over time, as more individuals adopt this principle, the positive feedback loop of win/win interactions can lead to a society where distinctions between “us” and “them” blur. This expanded circle of empathy can lead to greater societal cohesion, reduced conflict, and increased cooperation.

Hero’s Journey and Transformation

The Hero’s Journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell, is a narrative pattern where a hero undergoes a transformative journey, faces challenges, and returns transformed. This journey is not just physical but also psychological and spiritual. When combined with the Golden Rule, the Hero’s Journey emphasizes the importance of personal transformation for the greater good. The hero doesn’t just seek personal gain but aims to benefit the larger community. This aligns with the idea of expanding one’s circle of empathy and identity.

Synergy of the Two Concepts

The Golden Rule provides the moral foundation, encouraging individuals to see beyond themselves and consider the well-being of others.

The Hero’s Journey provides the narrative structure, emphasizing the importance of personal growth, transformation, and the pursuit of a higher purpose that benefits the broader community.

Together, they suggest a path where individuals are not only encouraged to act morally but are also provided with a narrative that emphasizes personal growth and societal benefit.

In essence, the combination of the Golden Rule and the Hero’s Journey can be seen as an evolutionary directive that encourages individuals to transcend their immediate self-interests, undergo personal transformation, and work towards the betterment of the broader community. This aligns with the evolutionary benefits of increased cooperation, empathy, and societal cohesion.


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